Spring 2013 News

Mobile Banking Security

UB&T’s Mobile Banking utilizes best practices from online banking such as, secure data transmission, encryption, and password protected access. Mobile banking will time-out when your phone is not in use and only the phones you personally enroll in the service can access your accounts. No account data is ever stored on your phone.

In the event your phone is lost or stolen, you can immediately disable your mobile banking.

Go to UB&T’s website – Mobile Banking tab – log in and click on Enroll/Maintain Device option. You will be able to disable or remove the device or you can call us at 608.882.5200.

A few steps you can take to keep your accounts secure:

  1. Never provide personal identification or banking information over your mobile device unless you initiate the contact and you know that you’re dealing directly with UB&T staff.
  2. Never share your password, account number, or answers to secret questions. Don’t save this information anywhere on your phone.
  3. Never set the app or web to automatically log you in to your bank account.
  4. Set the phone to require a password to power on or awake it from sleep mode.
  5.  Remember, UB&T would never contact or text message you asking for personal or banking information.

Bill Pay – it’s easy!

  • Log on to the UB&T website from any computer or wireless device anytime, day or night, to pay your bills.
  • You only need to remember one username and password, once your accounts are entered into Bill Pay.
  • Never miss a payment again – with Bill Pay you can set up recurring bill payments – or you can receive an email reminder that you have an upcoming bill.
  • Gives you the convenience of having all of your payment records in one place – UB&T online banking provides a two year payment history.
  • Receive email confirmation that your bill has been paid.
  • Provides an automatic electronic record of bills you’ve paid. If there’s an error or dispute with a payment, you can easily log into your account and see the exact date and amount that was paid.
  • Paying your bills online allows you to eliminate the paper involved in traditional bill paying.
  • Eliminate the need to mail your payment, saving you the cost of postage on every bill you pay online.
  • Paying a bill online takes only seconds to complete.
  • Get started today – if you have any questions, just call your Personal Banker at UB&T!

Helpful Hint:

UB&T’s Online Banking ‘ALERTS & NOTIFICATION’ feature is a terrific way to keep track of your accounts.

Just go to the ‘Additional Services’ tab to set up account notifications. You will receive an email if your balance drops below the target amount you set. Remember, if your account balance does drop below zero, no message is generated.

There is another way to receive information regarding your account balances through – ‘BALANCE NOTIFICATION’ – you can set up notifications for each business day (M-F), or weekly, monthly – you choose the timeframe. You will receive a notification at 4 p.m. each scheduled day, stating your memo balance. If your balance is below zero, you would still have time to make a transfer before close of business. This is a great tool to prevent overdrafts.

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