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Upcoming Shred Events:

  • August 5th – Oregon National Night Out.  Click here for more details.
  • August 13th – UB&T Brooklyn office.  Additional information can be found here.
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    Make Saving a Priority

    It will be easier to save money if you make it a priority. Take some time and figure out what you’d like to save money for, is it retirement, a house, car, college, that dream vacation? Figure out how much it will cost. Then make your plan:
    • Set a timeline for when you’d like to reach your goal.
    • Set a schedule by dividing the total goal amount by the number of weeks, months or pay periods between now and your goal date.
    • Be vigilant by treating your savings contribution just like any other expense, such as rent or groceries.
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  • moocowsUB&T 2014 Dairy Tour

    On Tuesday, March 25th, Union Bank & Trust Company sponsored a Dairy Tour for area dairy farmers. Over 100 farmers attended from Green, Rock, Dane, Jefferson and Walworth counties. The participants toured two state-of-the-art dairy farms and learned from an informative luncheon presentation that focused on the dairy section of the new Farm Bill. Read more and see photos...
  • A UB&T Mortgage Lender –


    “I like being able to make a difference.  Just recently I provided a client with the knowledge needed to help her rebuild her credit.  She is now pre-approved to purchase a home for herself and her children – they are excited for this fresh start.  So am I.”

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  • Strong, Stable and Locally Owned

    By helping our customers succeed, we help our communities succeed. That’s the business we know and that’s the business we want to be part of—making people’s lives better.

Union Bank & Trust Company –  We provide the services and technology you need to manage your money today.  Locally owned and managed, we have the philosophy that we want to be your bank for life.

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