Small Business Checking

Simple and easy to manage, this is the right account for a small business.

Minimum opening balance $100
Minimum daily balance requirement
(If minimum daily balance is not met, there will be a $5.00/monthly fee assessed)
Checks/debits per month at no charge 50
Per transaction after 50 $0.15
Interest Non-interest bearing
E-statements & check images
(Statements available online only)
Free monthly
Paper Statements $3/month

Businesses can also eliminate the $5 monthly service fee by having a business loan or business VISA card at UB&T.

From UB&T’s consumer online banking you can obtain your monthly statements, check images and daily transactions, make transfers between accounts and even pay your bills.

For businesses interested in creating ACH and/or wire files, please ask your Personal Banker about Business Online Banking.

Non-Profit Checking

Non-Profit Groups and Organizations can enjoy free checking with UB&T. The monthly statement is delivered through online banking.

Ask our Personal Bankers for details.

Commercial Checking

This account is designed for businesses that keep significant balances or have high transaction activity. An earning credit is used to offset monthly service fees. Credit for average collected balance maintained during statement cycle is indexed to the 90-day T-Bill.

Monthly Statements $3.00
Per check charge $0.15
Charge per item deposited $0.06
Monthly service charge $8.00
Charge for negative collected balance during statement cycle $0.90/per $100

Commercial Checking with a Sweep Account

A sweep account is designed for larger companies who wish to move excess funds to an interest-bearing savings or money market account. Commercial Checking implements a monthly account activity analysis and an earnings credit based on the 90-day T-Bill. A cost of service is calculated and offset with a credit based on the average collected balance for that month. The needed average balance is calculated to cover monthly account activity costs and average uncollected funds. You are then free to move account balances in excess of this amount to an interest bearing account. Transfer restrictions do apply.

Commercial Checking with Interest

Designed for businesses that are eligible to earn interest on their checking account balances. (Ex: sole proprietors, non-for-profits). Monthly fees are the same as commercial checking with interest earnings credited each month.

UB&T Business Debit Card

Avoid the hassle of writing checks by having a UB&T Business Debit Card. This is a dual purpose card, meaning you can make purchases at any merchant that accepts MasterCard or you can use your check card to obtain cash at all automated teller machines (ATM). Check card transactions are automatically deducted from your UB&T checking account. Transactions will appear on your monthly statement. UB&T is part of Wisconsin’s ATM Access, the largest surcharge-free network. For a listing of participating ATM locations visit Notify the bank if you will be traveling out of the area to put a travel alert on your account.